The University of (UP) branch of Linguateca, PoloCLUP started in October of 2002 and lasted until December 2008 under the supervision of Belinda Maia and Diana Santos. During that period years a lot was accomplished with the technical expertise of Luís Sarmento, Luís Miguel Cabral, and the hard work of Ana Sofia Pinto and Débora Oliveira. The tools and resources created then were refined and developed in 2007-8 by Sérgio Matos, under the joint supervision of Belinda Maia and Luís Costa. The guiding principle behind the development of most of the tools and resources at PoloCLUP has been to educate ordinary linguists, translators and terminologists to work with computational tools and build resources for the analysis of various aspects of language. A further objective was to bridge the gap between the ordinary linguist and the language engineer and to encourage cooperation. The tools and resources at PoloCLUP have led to research resulting in several dissertations for the Master’s degree in Terminology and Translation (2000- 2008) as well as ongoing research at a doctoral level at UP. They have also proved very useful for the project work encouraged by the Bolonha Process in the new Master’s degree in Translation and Language Services and the relevant disciplines of the Bachelor’s degree in Applied Languages. Activities
  1. Corpógrafo
  2. Evaluation of Machine Translation
  3. Other tools and resources
PoloCLUP, o pólo do Porto da Linguateca, funcionou entre Outubro de 2002 e Dezembro de 2008, sob a orientação de Belinda Maia e Diana Santos.